What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage aims to provide a therapeutic benefit. Although therapeutic massage can be relaxing, the ultimate goal of a session or series is not relaxation.

Massage therapists’ therapeutic goals may differ from those of their clients. Sometimes, massage may be recommended by a doctor and performed as part of a longer treatment plan. A person receiving physiotherapy to treat an injury may be recommended regular therapeutic massage. This will allow them to relax, tone their muscles, and improve their flexibility. Therapeutic massage can also be used to supplement other treatments, such as cancer treatment and wound care.

You can also use therapeutic massage for a single treatment. For some people, like athletes, workers or stressed office workers, therapeutic massage is a regular treatment to maintain good health.

All ages can benefit by therapeutic massage from a fully trained and qualified remedial massage therapist. People with disabilities, pregnant mothers, and those undergoing treatment for medical conditions can also benefit from massage. To protect clients’ health, however, there may be special precautions.

There are many massage styles that can be used to create basic therapeutic massage techniques. Your massage therapist can tailor your massage to your specific needs. 

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage in auckland is a combination relaxation massage and remedial massage that helps to relax the whole body and ease any muscle tensions or tight spots.

Massage therapy can also increase circulation. It may improve oxygen delivery to muscles cells, as well as reducing swelling and removing waste products. Some inflammatory conditions such as arthritis may benefit from massage’s circulatory effects.

Massage therapy causes a relaxation response that lowers your heart rate and breathing rate. It also boosts your immune system and reduces stress-related physical symptoms.

These results suggest that massage can be beneficial for many conditions.

What conditions are best suited for a therapeutic massage?

Massage therapy can help your body in many ways. Massage can relax muscles tissue and lead to less joint and nerve compression. This can lead to less pain and better function.

Therapeutic Massage Benefits The following conditions are considered:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • General Wellbeing
  • High blood pressure
  • Arthritis
  • Low immunity
  • Minor injuries

What are the best times to get a therapeutic massage?

A therapeutic massage is best when you are feeling tired or stressed.

Some people find regular therapeutic massages every other month to be an excellent form of prevention therapy. Some patients who are extremely stressed can have weekly massages to help them cope with everyday life.

What is the best therapeutic massage?

You may not have had a therapeutic massage in a while, or you are new to the practice. Your initial treatment should last 60-90 minutes. This will allow the therapist to work on tired muscles at a steady pace and minimize any soreness the next day.

Your massage therapist can help you find the right direction for your body and muscles if you are a regular massage client.

Which Massage Frequency is Best?

Every person’s needs are different depending on their life circumstances. Regular therapeutic massages are most effective on a 4- to 6-weekly basis. Because your muscles must be relaxed and able to move throughout their full range of motion, this is why regular therapeutic massages are best on a 4 to 6 week basis. They can become “creatures that are accustomed to it”. They will be more likely to feel tense if that is their normal. We all know what causes tight muscles, stress, pain, and other unpleasant effects.

Regular massages will ensure that you get the best results and minimize the chance of sore muscles the next day.