Australians will be faced with an important decision in 2024: should they commit to a gym membership or invest in a personal gym? No one answer fits all. It depends on personal preferences, budget, space, and fitness goals. We’ll examine the pros and cons of each option so you can make an informed decision.

Home Gym:


  1. Convenience: Exercise anytime, without having to commute. This allows for a consistent workout routine.
  2. Enjoy exercise in your Privacy and comfort.
  3. Cost over Time: Although the initial setup may be expensive, it is more cost-effective than monthly gym fees.
  4. Customization: Select equipment that suits your fitness goals and needs.
  5. Enjoy Exclusive Access to Your Workout Equipment without Waiting:


  1. The initial cost is high: Purchases of quality equipment can be expensive.
  2. Limited Interaction: Lacks social atmosphere or camaraderie in a gym environment.
  3. Space requirements: Needs enough space to accommodate gym gear.
  4. Self-motivation: Requires discipline and motivation in order to stick to a regular workout routine.

Gym Membership:


  1. A Variety of Equipment: Access a wide range of fitness equipment, classes, and facilities.
  2. Interaction with others: Possibilities to socialize or work out in a group.
  3. Professional Guidance Trained personnel and personal trainers are available to provide Guidance.
  4. Motivation For some people, the gym environment can motivate them.


  1. Monthly fees: Regular month-to-month fees can accumulate with time.
  2. Travel Time to and from the Gym: This requires time and effort.
  3. Peak Hours Can Be Crowded: In some gyms, peak hours can be crowded. This could lead to equipment waiting times.
  4. Less Privacy Offers less Privacy than home workouts.


  1. Budget: Assess both initial costs and ongoing fees.
  2. Measure the space available at home to set up a gym.
  3. Social Preferences Think about whether you prefer to work out in a gym with others or at home alone.
  4. Fitness Goals: Decide which option best aligns with your fitness goals and preferences.

Let’s do the math:

Average gym memberships in Australia cost around $70 per person, not including additional services such as trainers and extra classes. Statistics show that 23% don’t use their memberships to the fullest extent, and 33% are willing to try different gym chains in order to find one they like.

Although the social aspect of the gym may be appealing to some, for most people, it is the improvement in general fitness (37%), weight loss (23%), building muscle (16%), and mental health (15%). Weightlifting (40%) is the most popular activity, followed by cardio (24%) and classes (16%).

Let’s create the most efficient workout at home.

Options for Home Gym Installation:

BASIC UNDER $1000:At the price point we have chosen, cardio is left to the outdoors. Jog, walk, or jump on the push bike that you haven’t touched in years. This setup will be perfect for your future barbell movements. This is the ideal setup for those who want to complete their compound movements. This is the perfect setup for you to grow as you progress. The bench is built to last, and you can add weights when you reach new PRs.

VERSATILE DUMBBELL AND BENCH SET: With a bench and a dumbbell, you’ll be amazed at how versatile these two items are. All of this can be fitted into a space less than 2m2. This is a setup that will grow with you. HOME GYM: If you want something simple to cover 80% of all your movements, then a home gym would be perfect. You don’t have to plan your workout; you can choose the weight you want and go. This is a great option for families or beginners: ALL OUT HOME GYM. This setup includes everything you need for a complete gym experience in your home. 6m2. This compact unit combines a Smith machine with a functional train unit and a squat rack. Pair it with a bench and free weights to create your very own home gym.

This home gym is designed to last a lifetime. If you exercise 3 times per week on average, that comes out to $36.20 for each workout. The best part about this home gym is that it will last you a lifetime. You won’t need to upgrade it after you buy it. But if you have the space and want to spice up your home gym, then you can add some specialty items.

The choice between a home gym and a gym depends on your personal preferences, fitness goals, and lifestyle. There’s a gym membership that suits your needs, whether you prioritize convenience, Privacy, Professional Guidance, or social interaction. You can be confident in your fitness journey, no matter if you are at home or the gym, by weighing up the pros and cons with your concerns.