Skin Tag Removal

Our Leading Doctors will remove any unsightly skin tags from your body without leaving a scar.

The gold standard in Skin Tag Removal Sydney.

The Tempsure Radiofrequency scarless device for skin tag removal is painless and requires no downtime. This technology is revolutionary and will eliminate unsightly skin tags. Unlike laser treatments, skin tags can be removed quickly and easily with this technology. This technology can be used for all body parts, including the face.

Skin tags are benign skin growths that are caused most often by friction. Our doctor examines skin tags before removing them to ensure no suspicious characteristics.

Radiofrequency technology is at the forefront of cosmetic mole removal and skin tag removal. Radiofrequency technology requires minimal downtime and very little aftercare.

Specials and Prices for Skin Tag Removal in Sydney

How much would you pay to remove your skin without scarring, stitches, excessive downtime, and hideous expenses?

How much would you pay to avoid unnecessary scarring, general anesthesia risks, stitches, and extended healing times?

Contour Clinics offers affordable pricing for removing your lesions. Prices start at $350 for the initial lesion and $100 for each additional lesion.

Contour Clinics Sydney – Skin Tag Removal

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Skin tags and other skin imperfections can make you look unattractive and lower your self-confidence. They can catch on jewelry or clothing and irritate.

These blemishes don’t have to make you miserable or feel self-conscious. Contour Clinics is an expert in facial and body skin tag and mole removal. We have treated over 10,000 benign lesions annually across several locations.

Our world-leading radiofrequency technology treats blemishes quickly and efficiently in one quick appointment. This usually takes less than ten minutes. At 4.0 Mhz, our cosmetic devices can deliver radio waves targeted at the area. The radio waves penetrate the skin only a few microns and remove the skin tag as precisely as possible.

Every treatment is performed following TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) and by qualified doctors. This ensures your safety and best results.

A single appointment is all that is needed to remove a skin tag. There is no downtime, and you can return to your day immediately.

What is the process?

After local anesthesia injections, radiofrequency energy is applied to the lesion using the Surgitron device. Because of the resistance to this energy, the energy beam can focus 100-1000x better than a scalpel. The upper dermis, or the second layer of skin, removes the lesion. The lesion heals in a graze-like fashion in between 2 and 4 weeks. It resembles the healing you experienced when you first grazed your knee as a child.

Scarring on the face is very rare to none. The area being treated has a greater risk of scarring. Scarring is more likely in regions closer to the feet and hands. The Skin Tag Removal Sydney procedure takes only 5 minutes and is painless.

You may need to cover the area for 3-7 days. An antibiotic ointment can be used to ensure that your skin is healthy.

Contour Clinics can improve the look of your skin with chemical peels, needling, and laser skin resurfacing. This is for the face, neck, and body. You will achieve the flawless, smooth look you have always wanted, which will boost your confidence and help you feel great.