Make Your Night Cream for Beautiful Skin

The creams that we use in the morning and those we use at bedtime are very different. The day creams protect the outer layer of skin, while the night creams replenish the skin cells as you sleep. You may spend a lot of money buying different night creams to suit different needs. Why pay for expensive creams when you could make your own at home with ingredients already in your kitchen? A homemade night cream is one of the beauty tricks you can use. Homemade night creams replenish the skin and make it look younger and fairer. It is easy to make homemade night creams that will help you achieve fairness.

Homemade Night Cream for Fairness

Rose Water Almond Oil Night Creme

  1. Almond oil and rose water are the best ingredients to improve skin conditions. Almond oil, rich in vitamin E and hydrates the skin, brings back that glow. It is easy to make the night cream.
  2. Ingredients:
      • Dabur Gulabari rose water 3-4 drops
      • Almond oil, 2-3 drops
      • Glycerine 1 teaspoon
      • One teaspoon of coconut oil frozen
  1. Method:
      • Mix a few drops of almond and coconut oils in a container. Stir.
      • Add a few drops of rosewater and a teaspoon of glycerine.
      • Massage the cream gently on your face, neck, and hands for 10 minutes.
    • It is one of the best night creams you can make at home for fairness. Use it after cleansing your face every night.

Almond Night Cream for Fairness

  1. This homemade skin-whitening night cream works like magic on the skin. This cream rejuvenates dead skin cells and encourages the growth of new ones. Almond, cashew, and almond nut powders help to cleanse the skin, and almond oil contains vitamin E, which naturally moisturizes. This can be used as a night cream or moisturizer.
  2. Ingredients:
      • Almond powder, one tablespoon
      • Cashew powder, one tablespoon
      • Rose water, one teaspoon
      • Saffron strands
      • Use a pinch of turmeric.
      • Just a few drops of almond oil
  1. Method:
      • Add a tablespoon of almond powder and cashew powder to a bowl.
      • Add a teaspoon of Rose Water and make a paste.
      • Add a pinch of turmeric and almond oil to the mixture.
    • Use this powerful moisturizer every night to get fair skin.

Apple Night Cream

  1. Apples are good for you! This homemade night cream is 100% safe and natural. Apples contain vitamins A, B & C, such as wc acid, and antioxidants that help to m the skin look young and fair. These creams heal spots and scars as well as soothe pimples.
  2. Ingredients:
      • Apples are sliced into pieces.
      • Olive oil one tablespoon
      • One teaspoon of almond oil
      • Rose water – 2-3 drops
      • Use a pinch of turmeric.
      • Cinnamon pinch
  1. Method:
      • Add a few apple pieces to a mixer and mix into a smooth paste.
      • Add a teaspoon of almond oil and a similar amount of olive oil. You can also add some drops of rosewater for good hydration.
      • Mix the mixture until it becomes creamy.
      • Add a pinch of cinnamon and turmeric to the mixture and stir again.
      • Use the cream gently on your face before you sleep.
    • Keep in an airtight container to extend the shelf life.

Homemade Night Cream Anti-Aging

Green Tea Night Cream

  1. Most of us seek a homemade night cream to treat oily skin. Nobody wants to wake up the next day with an oily layer on their face. This can make the skin appear greasy and take away its natural fairness. You can make this excellent green tea cream without any hassles. Green tea, with its antioxidant properties, heals skin from damage caused by free radicals. It also prevents premature aging and makes it glow. Green tea for hair loss is good for the skin and weak hair.
  2. Ingredients:
      • Green tea bag
      • A few drops of hot water
      • Beeswax 1 tablespoon
      • Coconut oil, one tablespoon
      • Almond oil, 2-3 drops
  1. Method:
      • Mix a tablespoon of beeswax and a few almond oils in a bowl.
      • Add the green tea bag to the mixture you have already prepared by dipping it in hot water.
      • Add a teaspoon of coconut oil and gently massage the mixture on your face clockwise.
    1. Store in an airtight container and apply it every night before sleep.

Avocado Anti-Aging Night Cream

  1. Avocados are great for your health and skin. It moisturizes skin and is rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B, and C.
  2. Ingredients:
      • A mashed ripe avocado
      • An egg yolk
      • The yogurt is hung in a tablespoon.
  1. Method:
      • Add an egg yolk and mash the avocado in a bowl.
      • Add a tablespoon of thick and hung yogurt to make a paste.
      • Use it to massage your face and neck gently for 10 minutes.
    • Use the cream daily after storing it in the refrigerator for one week.

Olive Oil and Cocoa Butter Night Creme

  1. Combining olive oil and cocoa cream is a great way to make an incredibly effective anti-aging night cream. Cocoa butter softens the inner layers of the skin and keeps it soft for a long time.
  2. Ingredients:
      • Coconut oil, one tablespoon
      • Extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon
      • Cocoa butter, one tablespoon
  1. Method:
      • Combine a tablespoon each of extra virgin olive and coconut oil in a bowl.
      • Add a tablespoon of cocoa butter to make a thick paste easily stored in an airtight container.
    • Massage the cream gently on your face and neck for as long as possible.