Birthmark Treatment Sydney


Laser treatments can reduce the thickness and colour of your port wine birthmarks.

What’s involved:

A course of vascular laser treatments will be offered at regular intervals. The laser treatment is like a rubber band that flickers the skin.


You may experience some temporary swelling or bruising. You can apply makeup the next day.


Laser treatments to remove birthmarks start at $250 (Medicare rebates available for neck or head marks).

Heber Davis professionals in Sydney can remove your birthmarks. All of your cosmetic issues can be handled by us with the best expertise. You will achieve the look you desire when you choose us.

Vascular lasers are the best treatment for purple or red birthmarks, such as port wine staining. The non-invasive light beams can be used to erase the blood vessels responsible for birthmarks’ colour without causing any damage to surrounding skin.What are the benefits of these treatments?

Vascular lasers emit a specific wavelength of yellow light, which is specifically absorbed into blood vessels by haemoglobin. The birthmark’s colour is due to the blood vessels. The normal coloured skin around the laser beam does not absorb it. Laser light, once absorbed, is converted into heat, which causes the vessels to collapse or fade. The treatment improves the color of the birthmark as well as reduces bumpiness and lumps.

Lasers are most effective for birthmarks close to the skin’s surface, such as those on the chest, neck, and face. The effectiveness of lasers is less for marks on the arms and legs.

Sometimes, brown birthmarks can also be treated with laser. However, a different colour beam is used to target the melanin (or brown pigment) in the mark.

Is it possible to treat all birthmarks?

No. Treatment is most effective for purple or red marks on the neck or head. Laser treatment is possible for some brown birthmarks, but not all.

During your first consultation, you will determine if you are a good candidate for treatment.

What is the difference between IPL & vascular lasers?

Vascular lasers emit light energy at one wavelength, which is only absorbed into the blood. These lasers treat red skin blemishes only, but they do it very efficiently and precisely. IPL, on the other side, emits light with a spectrum of wavelengths that collectively targets a range of skin blemishes.

Heber Davis uses both IPL as well as laser to get the best results. We have found that lasers are more effective at targeting larger blood vessels. IPL, however, is better for smaller veins and diffuse redness. To ensure the best results, we match the appropriate technology to each patient’s specific concerns.

Broadband light (BBL) is the “next generation IPL” installed at Heber. BBL covers a wider spectrum of light than traditional IPLs, which allows for better treatment and flexibility in treating different conditions.

What number of treatments will I require?

A series of treatments spread over several months is the best way to treat birthmarks.

Is there a better alternative to laser treatment?

Many make-up products can effectively hide birthmarks. These products are often referred to corrective cosmetics. They include concealers, neutralizers, camouflage and other make-up products that effectively cover up birthmarks. Sometimes, small birthmarks can be surgically removed if they are not suitable to laser treatment.

What happens during treatment?

  • Your doctor will discuss your medical history, take a photograph of your birthmark, and determine the best treatment plan.
  • To give you an idea of what your outcome might look like, you can view photos of patients before and after. You can also view photos of your potential appearance during recovery.
  • Protective eye protection is worn during your treatment.
  • The treatment is non-invasive, and it feels similar to a rubberband flicking on your skin.
  • You may feel a sensation of heat for up to a few minutes. An ice pack will be given to calm the area.

What can I expect from IPL/laser treatment?

The skin treated with laser therapy often turns dark purple within 7-10 days. If the upper cheeks were treated, you may experience some temporary swelling.

You can apply makeup immediately.

What can I do to care for my skin?


Is treatment painful?

In some cases, birthmarks will require intensive treatment. This can be painful. If necessary, Laughing Gas is available.

What are the results I can expect?

After a series of treatments, you can expect the port wine stain will be lighter, smoother and easier to cover with makeup. It is rare to remove 100% of the stain completely and it cannot be guaranteed.

What side effects can IPL/laser treatment have?

You may experience redness or swelling, or even bruising, depending on how intense your treatment is.

Contraindications to treatment

    • Pregnancy. We do not recommend treating pregnant women, even though no particular complications are expected.
    • Active cold sores and other infections in the area to be treated
    • A dermatologist should be referred for suspicious lesions or moles.
    • Roaccutane (oral medication for acne) has been used in the past 12 months.
    • The absorption of light into pigment is affected by any recent tanning, whether it be natural or artificial. You should wait until your tan is completely gone before you start treatment.

Take care

This treatment may not be suitable for people with keloid scarring, connective tissues disease, immunosuppression, autoimmune disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, vitiligo, or other conditions. At your first consultation, you will be evaluated for suitability.