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    At Heber Davis, we strive to achieve beautiful results and relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime! We ensure our anti-wrinkle, CoolSculpting, cheek enhancement, lip injections or IPL clients will be individually catered for because we know that no two skin types are the same, and neither are your desired results. We believe that the standard of cosmetic treatments start and end with the clinician that administer them, therefore we have hand selected a specially trained team to administer all Heber Davis treatments in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality.

    We believe that our professional laser hair removal treatment is a highly effective method to minimise unwanted hair and other skin marks and continues to surpass traditional methods through incredible results that last. But now, more than ever, we have seen the trend move from these traditional procedures to laser, which has become the new tendency for clinics and clients for reducing quantity and density of hair growth, and for removing unwanted skin marks.

    Our laser hair removal treatment prove to be more effective, safer and faster than any topical creams or low-powered laser devices available. Unlike other treatments, the removal procedure at Heber Davis is an easy process! It requires no pre-treatment, no creams or gels and no needles. In fact, it is a medical breakthrough. During the treatment at Heber Davis, controlled pulses of light penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the follicle beneath the skin surface. The energy in IPL destroys the follicle with the heat generated, thus preventing the regrowing process.

    At Heber Davis, we offer cheek enhancement and lip injections. Anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections are used to achieve younger-looking and rejuvenated appearance. They work by relaxing the muscles that cause facial wrinkles. As a person ages, repeated facial muscle movements result in the formation of deep facial lines.

    We are one of the industry leaders in IPL treatments because of our experienced licensed professionals and up-to-date equipment. All your comfort options and treatment care plans will be discussed with our medical practitioners prior to treatment to clarify any questions or queries you may have about your treatment with Heber Davis.

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