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    We have aesthetically designed our clinic to not only be functional and efficient, but comfortable and warming to ensure that you feel as safe and relaxed as possible. At Heber Davis we endeavour to customise each treatment to each clients needs and expected outcomes. We do this through an initial skin analysis where we ask a series of questions and perform some non-invasive patch tests to better understand your skin as well as you do!

    Heber Davis offers a range of services from tattoo removal, anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers to laser hair removal, all are administered by our team of highly trained staff to ensure consistent, natural results. Laser hair removal Prahran Melbourne has become the most popular laser treatment due to its effectiveness and minimal discomfort. Our procedures and equipment for removal of unwanted hair in Prahran utilises state-of-the-art technology for optimum results.

    We know that each of our clients will love the speed and the results that our laser delivers. Our system emits pulses of high-energy light which pass through the target area and are absorbed by the follicle. The light is then converted into heat energy, which impairs the growing ability of the cells proving to be far more effective than traditional techniques of removal.

    Heber Davis is dedicated to providing exceptional services that are unique because of the nature of differing skin and desired results from patient to patient. We look forward to developing a long lasting relationship that will last years into the future!

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