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Anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections are used to achieve younger-looking and rejuvenated appearance. They work by relaxing the muscles that cause facial wrinkles.


    Laser Treatment for Wrinkles and Scars

    Laser skin resurfacing for wrinkles evolved in the mid to late 1990’s,and has remained a gold standard wrinkle treatment for those who want a permanent solution especially for wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and for acne scarring. Cosmetic laser skin resurfacing treats wrinkles and scars by precisely vaporising layers of wrinkled skin until a smoother, more uniform skin appearance is achieved. The procedure may also be referred to as laser skin rejuvenation because of its anti-aging benefits, or laser peel because the damaged layers of skin are peeled away.

    All laser resurfacing treatments for wrinkles at Heber Davis are performed by qualified cosmetic doctors.

    Key Points

    • Treatment performed in our rooms (no general anaesthetic)
    • One to two weeks downtime
    • Ultimate precision resurfacing for wrinklesand scars 
    • Skin tightening with wrinkle removal

    What is the Erbium Laser?

    The Erbium:YAG laser is an infra-red resurfacing laser used for the treatment of wrinkles, especially those around the mouth and eyes, and acne scars. The first generation resurfacing lasers were known as CO2 resurfacing lasers. These have largely been superseded because of their unacceptable side effects, leaving the Erbium laser as the treatment of choice because it involves less risk and reduced downtime.

    How does it work?

    The Erbium laser emits a beam of light that precisely heats and vaporises skin and tissue instantaneously. This promotes a localised intense regenerative reaction that leaves surrounding skin almost completely untouched. The laser is computer controlled to treat only a fraction of a millimetre of tissue at a time, providing a degree of control and precision that allows your doctor to treat only as deeply as needed. Wrinkles are removed and new skin quickly regrows in their place. Over the weeks following treatment, new collagen is laid down and this results in an overall smoother, brighter, naturally rejuvenated complexion.

    What does the treatment involve?

    The procedure is performed in our rooms at Broadway. Light sedation and numbing injections ensure your comfort is maintained during and after your skin resurfacing procedure.

    The resurfaced skin will be red, swollen and moist immediately after the treatment. These effects subside within days during which time a bland emollient cream is applied to speed up the healing process.

    Healing is usually completed within 7-10 days, allowing a return to work in one to two weeks. Some pinkness can persist, especially in fair skinned people, for a number of weeks. This can be covered by makeup until the skin returns to its natural colour.

    Most patients are happy with the result of a single treatment, though occasionally a second treatment may be required after six months. Results are long lasting and improvements persist for years.


    Erbium laser resurfacing is not intended to remove deep folds or facial sag. Face lift surgery remains the procedure of choice for facial sagging.

    Are there any risks?

    As with any laser intervention, the potential exists for unpredictable short term darkening of pigmentation especially in olive skinned patients, activation of preexisting cold sores, other infections, prolonged redness that may need to be camouflaged with makeup, and scarring.

    What are the contraindications for this treatment?

    • Pregnancy.
    • Active cold sores or other infections in the area to be treated.
    • Moles or suspicious lesions.
    • Use of Roaccutane within the previous 12 months.
    • A tan, either natural or artificial.
    • Vitiligo, any history of abnormal healing, tendency to keloid formation, connective tissue disease, auto-immune disease or immunosuppression, or uncontrolled diabetes.

    How successful is this procedure?

    Our experience indicates excellent results for wrinkles around the mouth, but also for sun damaged skin, and for superficial blemishes such as benign moles, acne and other scars, nodules, skin tags, age spots and keratoses. Results are long lasting and usually do not need to be repeated.

    Are there any alternatives?

    Chemical peels and dermabrasion can also improve the appearance of wrinkling and skin texture, but are less controlled and consequently more risky. Dermal fillers and muscle relaxant injections provide temporary improvement in the appearance of wrinkling with no downtime.


    Erbium laser may be combined with other procedures such as fractional laser resurfacing, evidence based skin care, dermal fillers and/or muscle relaxant injections.

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