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    Aftercare: Removal of a Blemish

    To help your body heal, it is important to avoid excessive smoking, alcohol, aerobic exercise and anticoagulants (blood thinners)  such as aspirin or vitamin E until skin has fully recovered.

    Keep the wound clean and apply Vaseline liberally to keep it moist for the first few days.  It is best to purchase a fresh tub of Vaseline for this purpose.

    Panadol or Panadeine may be taken to relieve any post treatment discomfort.  Do not take aspirin or aspirin related products for one week following lasering.

    In the first 24 hours, the treated area may bleed. If bleeding persists, apply firm continuous pressure for 5-10 minutes or more over each bleeding site. Sit upright or elevate the effected area until bleeding settles. Avoid local friction against clothing and pat dry gently after washing.

    Treated areas will remain extremely sensitive to the sun for several months. DO NOT expose the treated area to direct or indirect sunlight at any time. Apply 30+ sunscreen and physical cover where possible.  Sun protection should be continued for at least three months and preferably lifelong.

    Please make a follow up appointment as recommended by your practitioner, so that your progress can be monitored and any additional treatment performed.

    Skin health and appearance will be enhanced by adherence to a therapeutic home skin care regime appropriate for your skin type and condition. In order to optimise your result your practitioner may recommend modifications to your normal routine.

    Please contact the practice on 9552 6277 if you experience excessive pain, bleeding or swelling, odour, discoloured discharge or cold sores

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