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    Laser Hair Removal in Darlinghurst

    Our laser hair removal service here in Heber Davis Skin Clinic in Darlinghurst guarantees precision, speed, affordability, comfort and predictability. Our clinic is staffed by a specialist team of doctors and nurses who are dedicated to getting the results of permanent hair removal that you are looking for, and we can assure you of a high percentage of lasting reduction on hair growth. The best part is, you can go back to your normal life the very next day!

    How does your laser hair removal service work?

    Heber Davis provides a laser hair removal service that is designed with sensitive skin in mind – the Lightsheer laser is safe enough to be used on any part of the body. It also features a unique dynamic cooling device that helps to soothe and protect skin, so you’re guaranteed to leave looking and feeling great.

    The laser beams highly concentrated light into the hair follicle, where it is absorbed by pigment in the hair root. This heats and damages the follicle, destroying its capacity to grow hair. The light has no effect on the surrounding skin, leaving you silky smooth and hair free.

    Why should I choose Heber Davis’s laser hair removal service in Darlinghurst?

    Heber Davis has been specialising in lasers since 1988 and in laser hair removal since 1996. All of our laser hair treatments are performed by qualified doctors or specialist nurses, and we use only industry “gold standard” lasers that deliver safe, affordable, effective and comfortable treatments.

    Over the past 25 years, we have seen the aesthetic market explode. We have experienced wonderful growth in our clinic, including a move, several renovations and a giant advancement in equipment and procedures.

    What are the benefits of laser hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is an effective, quick, easier and more comfortable method compared to the traditional methods of temporary hair removal. At Heber Davis in Darlinghurst, you will receive a course of 6-8 treatments spaced at weekly intervals. Our Lightsheer “Duet” laser covers large areas quickly and comfortably, and usually eliminates the need to use numbing creams.

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