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    It’s Time to Look the Way You Feel

    The media has a way of creating unrealistic expectations whether it’s through advertisers, media, or even immoral practitioners. So, we thought we would write this article to help you know what the truth is. We want you to get real know the benefits of cosmetic surgery and at the same time understand what it is capable of doing and also what it can’t do for your self-esteem.

    We Give Cosmetic surgery an “A” for Enhancing Appearance

    Cosmetic surgery can be a terrific way to add an upgrade to your appearance. In fact, a recent survey that was organized by cosmetic surgeon Eric Swanson discovered that:

        97% were happy with their results

        90% reported receiving positive feedback from people

        40% stated their results were even better than they imagined

    Often after cosmetic surgery, people start to see their bodies and facial features better proportioned. A cosmetic procedure that is done correctly will mold the features or body, so it looks natural.

    Cosmetic Surgery Improves Drooping Skin and Spirits

    When we look at the psychological advantages of cosmetic surgery, Dr. Swanson discovered that:

        80% of patients said their self-esteem was higher

        70% of patients reported their quality of life improved

    Cosmetic surgery when done correctly helps people take pride in the way they look, which can turn into an improved daily outlook on life.


    What Cosmetic Surgery Can’t Do

    Cosmetic surgery is perfect for tweaking a not so perfect body part as well as providing a boost to a person’s self-esteem. However, it will not make you younger, and it will not fix depression. Cosmetic surgeons don’t—and should never— operate on anyone who comes through their door.

    Turn you into your favorite celebrity

    Your facial features and bone are unique and can only be altered to a certain degree before you start to look like plastic. Be cautious of any surgeon who tells you otherwise. Saying “I want a figure like Miss Australia” is an unrealistic desire.

    Save a relationship

    First and foremost, if you decided to have any kind of cosmetic surgical procedure make sure it’s for you and not for the sake of trying to satisfy someone else.

    Provide a risk-free Surgery

    There is some degree of risk just like in any surgery, like excessive bleeding, a negative response to anesthesia and the possibility of infection. You can minimize risk by choosing a reputable surgeon.

    Make Sure There is No Scarring

    Whenever skin is cut, the normal healing process takes place, and this is when scars form. A reputable surgeon makes slits that are in less obvious places. There are secondary surgeries that can reduce the sight of scars, but it’s important to know that a scar-free surgery doesn’t exist.

    Is Cosmetic Surgery the key to happiness?

    TV shows like “Extreme Makeover” imply that cosmetic surgery can magically alter any woman into a flawless goddess while giving her the confidence she’s always wanted. This is nowhere near the truth.

    So how do you achieve positive results? The answer is simple:

    Patients who have realistic expectations are the most satisfied after surgery.

    To secure an accurate picture of what your results will be, set up a make an appointment with your surgeon about how cosmetic surgery can help you.

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