Skin Tags Treatment, Broadway, Sydney

Skin tags

Skin tags are a common benign skin condition that begins in middle age as a bumpy area and grows into a small section of hanging skin with a narrow stalk. Skin tags affect approximately 50% of people. They appear as small, outgrowing skin pieces connected by a narrow stalk. Skin tags can appear smooth or unevenly, but they are often flesh-coloured or slightly brownish.

It is quite common for skin tags appearing in groups. They can become stuck to jewelry or be shaved incorrectly and agitated by clothing. Women who shave their armspits should not shave or trim any larger skin tags.

Treatment for Skin Tags

Most skin tags are harmless and can be removed by people for cosmetic or aesthetic reasons. Larger ones may need to be removed if they rub against clothing or jewelry. A large skin tag may be removed from the underarms or face of an individual to make shaving easier.

Erbium laser treatment is very effective for skin tags. This laser treatment is ideal for multiple tags because it is minimally invasive and does not require pain relief or stitches. It also causes no damage to the surrounding skin. The Erbium laser causes small, superficial wounds on the tag’s base that can be easily treated with Vaseline. These heal quickly and leave no marks.

Eyelid skin tags – If the skin tag is too close to the margin of the eyelid, an eye specialist may need to perform the procedure

There are no scientific evidence to support the myth of skin tags being removed encouraging more to develop