Medium Depth Skin Peels – (TCA Chemical Peels), Broadway, Sydney

TCA (trichloacetic acids peels), which are medium depth chemical peels, are extremely effective in improving skin texture and vitality. They can improve freckles and pigmentations as well as reduce fine wrinkles. Medium depth chemical peels offer a moderate level of improvement and require a longer recovery time than other options such as Erbium laser. These are great for women who want more than a superficial treatment, but can’t afford the time or expense of a deep one.

For deep scarring and dynamic (movement-related) wrinkles, medium depth chemical peels should not be used. Medium depth chemical peels are often achieved with trichloroacetic (TCA), at concentrations between 20 and 35 span>


TCA chemical peels will improve skin color, texture, color, and wrinkles. It can also reduce superficial discoloration such as age spots. It can improve blotches, and sometimes even improve dark circles under the eyes. Although chemical peels can be repeated as needed, the results will last a long time if you follow a skin care program that includes cosmeceutical homecare and occasional microdermabrasions or light peels.

Preparation of a TCA Chemical Peel

A chemical peel can be performed on the skin before it is applied. This will allow for deeper penetration, quicker recovery, less pigmentation and side effects, as well as a more effective result. Pre-peel preparation programs will be recommended for you. They will include different concentrations of retinoic acids (vitamin A), vitamin C, lactic acid, and/or bleaching agents, depending on the skin type. You should follow this program daily for at least four to six weeks before your peel.

Retinoic Acid (a form vitamin A) helps to remove the skin’s superficial layers and allows the chemical peeling agent penetrate deeper. Your skin will also be stimulated to heal and regenerate faster by using retinoic acid. The effects of retinoic acids will be enhanced by alpha hydroxy acids such as lactic acid.

Patients who are prone to tan easily may develop blotchy pigmentation following chemical peeling. To minimize this risk, it is recommended that a bleaching agent be used both before and after the procedure. These patients should also be advised not to undergo chemical peeling during winter months.

Your skin may be ready for peeling if you already use cosmeceutical skincare products.

The Procedure

TCA chemical peels can be done in an office setting and take between 30-60 minutes. To ease the pain, your doctor may give you laughing gas or tablets for pain. Your doctor will cleanse your skin thoroughly with acetone to remove any oil. Then, he or she will apply the correct concentration of TCA one at a time to your skin. Once the desired depth is achieved, the peel will be terminated with iced salicylic acid. For two to ten min, you will feel burning or stinging. Initial appearance of your skin may be white. However, it will gradually return to its original color within 15 to 45 minutes. Before you leave the surgery, apply SPF 30 sunscreen and aloe vera gel. No post-operative pain medication is required.


The procedure will not cause any discomfort. Use Cetaphil to wash your face multiple times per day. After that, apply an emollient cream such as Vaseline, Pawpaw Ointment or Sorborelene. Initial signs of redness on your face are normal. In a few days the skin’s uppermost layers will become dark brown and tighten. As shown below, peeling takes between four and seven days. There will not be any open wounds or scabs. Your new skin will glow once your old skin is gone. After your skin is healed, you can apply makeup. Although you can return to work physically, most patients prefer to spend a few days at their home recovering. Most patients can return to work or social obligations within seven days.

After your procedure, you should return to your regular skin care routine within two weeks. Remember to use sunscreen for at least three months.


The total cost for a full-face chemical skin peel (TCA), is $500.

Expected Time of Results

You can expect to keep your improvements indefinitely if you apply the right skin care products and avoid the sun. Chemical peels can be repeated as needed, but ageing is constant. TCA chemical peels are often the foundation of a patient’s facial rejuvenation program. Patients may opt to have a repeat procedure at approximately twelve months intervals.


Women who want to dramatically increase their skin’s vitality and reduce fine wrinkles and are able to understand the recovery process and how it lasts, as well as those who don’t expect improvement in dynamic lines, will be happy with chemical peels.