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    What Makes The Ideal Set of Lips? 

    Smile, and the whole world smiles with you – leaving you and everyone else feeling good. If you can smile with confidence, that’s even better, and here is where lip enhancement practitioners in Sydney can help.

    Non-verbal body language is very important when it comes to picking up on signals and understanding more about the other person before we begin to speak to someone. Feeling confident about our looks allows us to present well and to interact successfully with other individuals on both a social and professional level.

    If you are self-conscious about the shape or fullness of your lips, lip enhancement may be the answer for you, and here in Sydney, there are a number of experienced cosmetic practitioners that you can speak to about the process.

    Lip shapes

    Everyone is born with a different set of lips, and this includes the colour and the shape of the lip. Some have naturally thick lips, others are thinner, and others have a combination of shapes.

    Thin top lip and plumper bottom lip, those with a “Cupid Bow” top, or lips that do not have much definition all depend very much on our genetic makeup. For people who are born with lip deformities such as a cleft palate and split lip, this can be very distressing, but these days, corrective surgery is available at a very early stage in a child’s life to correct this.

    Not everyone is going to be born with even and regular shaped lips. The top outline of the lip can be uneven with one side slightly higher than the other. Others may have lips that turn down or that in general look not as symmetrical so that the whole face is not as balanced as the individual would want.

    Lip definition

    The skin surrounding the mouth is almost constantly on the move, whether we are speaking, eating, drinking and even at night if we snore. For those who enjoy the sun or who smoke, damage to the skin around the lips is very pronounceable. Deep grooves or wrinkles around the mouth are very ageing, and for women it makes it difficult to wear lipstick without the colour bleeding out into the skin. Well-defined lips that are full or thicker are the most desired lips with a full and pouty look.

    Lip texture

    Our lips are the most exposed erogenous zones in the body, packed with sensitive nerve endings, and this is the reason that, as humans, we enjoy kissing our partners. Having smooth lips with a naturally soft and shiny finish is very attractive to others, so this is generally the texture that is most desired. Lips that are dry or coarse in texture, with skin that cracks or peels, do need attention, particularly when exposed to extremes in weather conditions. Plump and luscious lips are more desirable, and here in Sydney, lip enhancement specialists will be happy to discuss a variety of options with you.

    Want to know more about lip enhancement? No matter what your reasons for exploring lip enhancement, a reputable and experienced cosmetic practitioner will be able to answer any questions that you might have, so contact a clinic in Sydney today, and be on your way to achieving a healthy and happy smile!

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