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    Skin Rolling at Home

    Your home roller is used for two main functions:

    • To stimulate the top layer of the skin – the epidermis.   Over time the epidermis will increase in thickness, which in turn will improve your skin texture and decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scars.
    • To help deliver your active skin care products deeper into the skin where active collagen and elastin production occurs.   Skin rolling at home will enhance the penetration of any skin care product, consistently delivering about 200 times more product to the deeper layers than would otherwise occur.
    • In addition, rolling at home may also be used to augment results of medical skin rolling performed at the clinic.

    Instructions for Use:

    • Thoroughly clean and dry the skin prior to using the roller.
    • Apply the roller gently over the body, face or scalp.
    • Start rolling in one direction, 7-10 times backwards and forwards, then roll over the same area  for 7-10 times in the perpendicular direction.   Finish by rolling 7-10 times in both diagonal directions.  Your practitioner will also demonstrate this technique for you.
    • Stretching the skin with your other hand helps the roller to penetrate more easily.  Only apply a comfortable pressure and never twist or turn the roller whilst it is in your skin.
    • Apply your skin care products immediately and rub in firmly to help their penetration. Always be careful when using your roller in conjunction with prescription products as you will have increased absorption and may experience temporary skin reactions.
    • It is important to keep your skin moisturized after rolling and to protect it from the sun by applying a complete block such as Ultraceuticals SPF 30+ on a daily basis.    
    • Do not use if your skin is inflamed or infected, you are on or commence Roaccutane acne treatment, you have a tendency to keloid or abnormal scarring or are a poor healer.

    How often do I use my roller?

    This is a matter for individual choice. Use common sense and go with how your skin feels, reacts and recovers to each treatment. As a guide, rollers up to 0.5mm can usually be used daily, 0.75mm rollers about twice a week.

    Does it hurt?

    For most people, home rolling gives a prickling feeling rather than pain, but if your skin is sensitive a numbing cream is available from Heber Davis or at pharmacies.

    What can I expect immediately after rolling?

    Your face will be more sensitive than your body. You may find your skin is temporarily reddened and may feel like sunburn. Avoid hot showers and saunas during this time.

    How soon can I expect results?:

    This depends on what you are treating and how often you roll. Most patients will see progress within a few weeks and the process of skin repair can continue for months after each treatment. Collagen production takes time, do not expect miracles too soon, everyone’s skin is different.

    Maintenance of your roller:

    The more you care for your roller, the more service it will give you in return. Avoid any contact of the needles with hard objects, as this may bend the needles and this can cause scratches on your skin. Ingredients of some skin care products can change their characteristics when exposed to oxygen, eg Vitamin C. After use some particles of the product may remain on the roller’s surface and if left for a long time these can damage the fine needles. Therefore, rinse your roller thoroughly in hot soapy water in a plastic container taking care not to bump the needles. Soak in methylated spirits, rubbing alcohol or denture cleaner for 10 minutes and allow to dry before returning to its packaging. Clean packaging with a pad dipped in methylated spirits. Dip your roller in methylated spirits or rubbing alcohol and allow to dry just before you use it again. Do not use bleach, detergents or solvents as these may also damage the roller’s fine needles.

    What to Avoid:

    • Never use alcohol or disinfectants that are not recommended.
    • Never clean your roller in an ultrasonic bath.
    • Don’t boil your roller.
    • Most Importantly: This roller should be used for one person only. It is NOT a family roller!

    Life time of home care roller and beauty mouse.

    Nothing lasts forever! The fine needles of your roller are the sharpest and hardest on the market, but like any fine knife, metal is subject to wear. Under the microscope it can be clearly seen that a home care roller is good and safe for 100-120 applications. If used on average 4 times per week the needles will last about 6 months. Replace your roller when skin penetration begins to decrease.

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