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    Sydney Vitamin Infusions

    Vitamin infusions will give you an antioxidant boost that can instantly soften and hydrate your tired, dry, or blemished skin. Vitamin infusions are a great way to get your skin ready for a big, upcoming event.

    What’s involved:
    Low frequency ultrasound waves will work to infuse pure Vitamin A and C in your skin at depths that are 1,000 times deeper than massages or facials. Vitamin infusions feel like a soothing, pleasant, deeply nourishing facial.

    There is no downtime when you get a vitamin infusion. Makeup may be reapplied after your treatment.

    Cost: $130 | Packages available: 5 vitamin infusions $550 (Saving $100)

    Do you want to mix your own customised package? You can substitute a microdermabrasion or light peel for one or more of your treatments.

    Our vitamin infusions take place in our Broadway Cosmetic Clinic located close to the Sydney CBD, Pyrmont, and Glebe. Only a short drive from Surry Hills, Darlinghurst, and Paddington.

    • About Vitamin Infusions

      Vitamin infusions deliver an intense antioxidant boost that instantly softens and hydrates tired, dry or blemished skin. Low frequency ultrasound waves infuse pure Vitamin A and C to depths 1000 times deeper than massage or facials. Vitamin infusions are a great way to plump and tone your skin before a big event.

      How do Vitamin Infusions Work?

      One of the main functions of the skin is to protect us from the environment by providing a barrier to the entry of external compounds. This barrier is provided mainly through lipids (oils) in between cells in the outer layer of the skin. This lipid barrier means that many compounds can’t penetrate the skin. A bit like oil and water just don’t mix.

      This means that often only a fraction of the skin care ingredients we apply to the skin actually reach the deeper layers where they’re most needed. Though skin care formulators are always working on new ways to enhance penetration of their active ingredients into the skin, they can never achieve anything near the penetration rates provided by low frequency ultrasound.

      Low frequency ultrasound greatly enhances skin penetration of vitamins A and C which are essential for maintenance of a healthy and youthful skin. Together, they:

      • Have a ‘plumping effect’ by stimulating collagen in the skin
      • Improve skin elasticity, tone and texture
      • Promote a smoother, clearer, more even skin tone
      • Reduce pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles

      Vitamin infusions can be used alone, or to enhance the effects of other facial treatments such as light peels and microdermabrasions.

      Vitamin infusions are experienced as a warm, soothing sensation. They are performed by our specialised nurses and take about 30 minutes. Makeup can be worn immediately and normal activities resumed.

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