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    Pore Reduction

    Enlarged pores can make your skin look rough, oily and unclean. In the past, pore minimisation treatments have been frustratingly ineffective. Now a new laser treatment minimises enlarged pores consistently and effectively.

    Pore minimisation harnesses the properties of the Q-switched Nd Yag laser that deeply cleanses the pore and stimulates new collagen growth along its channel to reduce its size.

    Pore refining is a no downtime, “lunch time”, treatment that takes just 30 minutes. It’s based on sound photobiological principles and provides both an effective reduction in pore size, as well as gently resurfaces your skin, helping to clear acne and to improve uneven skin texture and tone.

    How does the Pore Minimisation work?

    Pore minimisation takes advantage of the photoacoustic properties of the 1064nm Q-switched Nd Yag laser. Q-switching means the laser can deliver intensely powerful pulses of laser energy for maximum effectiveness, but in extremely short pulses (nanoseconds), for maximum efficacy and safety.

    Q-switching was first developed in the 1950’s and Q-switched Nd Yag lasers are extensively used for other cosmetic treatments such as laser hair and tattoo removal. Q-switching’s an old technology that’s found a new application in reducing pore size.

    What does treatment for enlarged pores involve?
    Treatment is a three step process:

    Firstly, a photo-enhancing graphite lotion is massaged into your cleansed skin. This enhancer is specifically absorbed into your pores where it serves to concentrate the laser light to where it can be most effective.

    Secondly, we gently heat the skin using low power laser energy, both to encourage the photo-enhancer to penetrate even more deeply into your pores and to promote collagen production in the deeper tissue to improve skin tone.

    Finally, we apply the Q switched Nd Yag laser to ablate the photo enhancer. Though you feel nothing more than a comfortable warmth, the high intensity short pulses of energy explode the particles of photo-enhancer deep within your pores, creating local peeling and heat that eliminates built up sebum and dead cells that clog and dilate the pores. The living cells lining your pores are stimulated to produce more collagen that contributes to pore remodelling. Pore size is reduced both by collagen stimulation and by mechanical action. The combined effect is that your pore channels tighten and pore size is reduced. It’s like taking your pores to the dry cleaner!

    To complete your treatment, which takes 20-30 minutes, we wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a moisturising antioxidant and sunscreen. Makeup can be applied immediately if required.


    Application of a carbon lotion, followed by treatment with the Nd Yag laser.

    Application of a carbon lotion, followed by treatment with the Nd Yag laser.


    Sun screen and moisturisers. We will recommend a home skin care plan to accelerate your results and help maintain your improvement.

    How many treatments are required?

    3-5 treatments are usually required for optimum and long lasting results. Treatments are repeated every 2-3 weeks for initial pore size reduction, and then every 6 months to maintain your results.

    Lifestyle and effective home skin care both influence degree and longevity of results.

    Additional Benefits?

    Yes, Pore refining also helps to reduce oil production and so control active acne, as well as gently resurfaces your skin and improves uneven skin tone and texture.

    What does treatment cost?

    Full face treatment: $250 Current special: $200

    Part face: $200 (e.g. inner cheeks and nose)

    Packages available

    How long will results last?

    While results of laser treatments are long-lasting they are not permanent. Your skin is a biological organ in which cells are forever regenerating and dying. Pore cells eventually replace themselves and these new cells will eventually need re-treatment.

    You can help maintain your newly refined pores by regular use of cosmeceutical home care. At your initial consultation we will recommend a skin care plan that contains the appropriate active ingredients to complement the results you achieve from your treatment. Of course, the basis of all good skin care is daily sun protection.

    Are there any risks?

    No. Pore refining is a safe treatment that is performed only by our appropriately trained clinical team.

    Is there any pain?

    No, most people experience the treatment as nothing more than a comfortable warmth.

    Is there any downtime?

    No. This is an ideal “lunchtime” treatment. You may notice minor dryness for a few days after your treatment for which you should nourish your skin with additional moisturiser as needed.

    Is there anyone who can’t have this treatment?

    Yes, those with melasma or post inflammatory pigmentation are not suitable for this treatment.

    What causes enlarged pores?

    Pores are an important part of our skin anatomy. They are the openings of the channels through which oil, or sebum, that’s produced by our sebaceous glands travels up the follicle and exits onto our skin to nourish it. The cells lining these channels are constantly renewing themselves, replacing dead and dying cells that are also carried to the skin’s surface via the pore.

    Ideally these openings, or pores, are tiny and inconspicuous. In some people however, excess oil secretions clog the pores with dead skin cells and debris that restrict the flow of oil, resulting in enlargement of the follicular opening and sometimes to inflammation and acne.

    Excess sun exposure also leads to dilated pores. Consequently pores tend to enlarge as we age, particularly if we’ve spent a lifetime in the sun.

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