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    PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) & plasma treatment, Sydney

    What are the benefits of PRP or plasma treatment here in Sydney?

    Here at our cosmetic clinic in Sydney, our Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or plasma treatment will make your skin look naturally radiant, and is especially recommended for those areas that are hard to treat, including your eyes, neck, and hands.

    What’s involved in PRP or plasma treatment?

    For PRP or plasma treatment, a sample of your blood is processed in our Sydney clinic and your platelets will be concentrated. Droplets of the concentrated solution are re-injected into your skin, stimulating collagen growth in your ageing or sun-damaged skin.

    How much downtime should I expect with PRP or plasma treatment?

    Here in our Sydney clinic, you may experience bruising for a few days up to a week after PRP or plasma treatment. However makeup can be applied and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

    What is the cost of PRP or plasma treatment here in Sydney?

    The cost of PRP or plasma treatment is $450 per vial or $800 for 2 vials.


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    If you are based in Melbourne, you can also make a booking for a PRP or plasma treatment with our partner Skinovate.

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