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    Skin and Body – Pellevé Skin Tightening

    Our bipolar radiofrequency waves will give you firm, tight skin. With Pelleve skin tightening, you can reduce your mild to moderate wrinkling without any needles or downtime. Pelleve is the perfect solution for you if you want to maintain a youthful healthy look or if you are trying to delay or avoid surgery.

    What’s involved:
    Results will occur over a short course of pleasant treatments that feel like a warm facial massage. These skin tightening treatments take 45 to 60 minutes in our state of the art Sydney Cosmetic Clinic.

    There is no downtime for this skin tightening treatment. You will be able to apply makeup and resume your activities immediately.

    Face: $600 or 3 @ $1500 | Neck: $400 or 3 @ $1050 | Part-face: $200-$500 | Under eyes: $200 or 3 @ $500

    • What is Pellevé?

      Pellevé is a new facial rejuvenation procedure that uses radiofrequency energy to firm and tighten skin and to reduce mild to moderate wrinkles. Pellevé received Food and Drug Administration approval in the U.S. in 2009, but has been used all over Europe for years.

      Pellevé is primarily used on the face and neck to reverse the effects of ageing and gravity by reducing skin laxity and wrinkling. It is a non-invasive, painless treatment with no downtime, designed for those who want to delay or avoid surgery.

      How does Pellevé work?

      Your practitioner uses a hand-held radio wave device to deliver heat gradually to tissue underlying facial sags and wrinkles. Temperatures in these underlying structures gradually build to between 40 – 42oC, at which temperatures bonds between collagen fibres disrupt, then contract and tighten, much like heat causes liquid egg white to contract and firm. At the same time, these temperatures stimulate new collagen production that continues over time to improve skin quality and firmness that you can see and feel. (Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin, and its supply dwindles with advancing age.

      Does it hurt?

      Treatment depends upon ‘ongoing patient feedback’ and should feel like a warm massage, with intermittent hotter sensations. These “hot spots” are an indication that adequate tissue heating has occurred and that it’s time to move to a new area until a uniform temperature elevation has been achieved across the entire treatment area. A laser-assisted infrared skin thermometer is also used to monitor your skin temperature at all times. Patient comfort is a key advantage of Pellevé over other skin tightening alternatives.

      What parts of my body can be treated by Pellevé?

      Pellevé is used to treat facial skin, to target wrinkles, and to smooth and firm the neck and décolletage. Either the entire face or single problem areas such as under the eyes, can be treated.

      What should I expect during the treatment?

      Treatment with Pellevé produces a deep warming sensation each time the handpiece touches your skin. No anaesthetic is needed and your feedback about the depth and intensity of the warmth will help ensure the best possible results.

      What can I expect after the Pellevé treatment?

      You will likely experience mild redness and or swelling that usually subsides within a few hours. Makeup can be worn and normal activities can be resumed immediately.

      Most patients will notice immediate skin tightening after their treatment. You will look rejuvenated and refreshed and results continue to improve over time as the collagen remodelling process continues. 87% of patients treated during the trials for FDA clearance continued to improve 6 months or more after a single Pellevé procedure. Stacking procedures at monthly intervals exponentially improve the collagen rebuild.

      How long does a Pellevé treatment take?

      About 45-60 minutes for a full facial treatment.

      How do I prepare for Pellevé?

      Men should be clean shaven (no stubble in the treatment area) and women should remove all jewellery and makeup, including lotions, eyeliner and eye shadow, from the area being treated. Pellevé requires no skin-testing or skin numbing prior to treatment.

      Is Pellevé suitable for men and women?

      Absolutely. The Pellevé wrinkle reduction programme is suitable for both men and women and works well on most skin types. Unlike laser treatments it can also be used on tanned skin.

      When will I see results and how often is Pellevé treatment recommended?

      Most people will see results after one treatment with lasting improvement for up to six months as your skin continues to produce new collagen. Your practitioner will recommend the number of treatments you will need to achieve the best results.

      Contraindications for Pellevé skin tightening treatment.

      Pregnancy, cardiac pacemaker, clips inside the brain e.g. following subarachnoid haemorrhage. Patients with nerve insensitivity to heat anywhere in the treatment area should not be treated as they are not able to provide us with important patient feed-back during the procedure. Local, oral and systemic anaesthetic agents must not be used prior to or during the Pellevé treatment since they mask patient sensitivity to heat.

      Some skin’s condition may not be suitable for Pellevé radio wave skin tightening and we will advise you of that if necessary. We have an excellent range of other services and products which may assist you and we also commonly refer to other practitioners if needed.

      How many Pellevé procedures will I need?

      Many patients see improvement in just one procedure but typically a regime of 3-6 treatments spaced a month apart may be needed to achieve the best result.

      Age, skin laxity, sun, environmental and hereditary factors, whether you drink, smoke, etc…..all influence how many Pellevé procedures you will need.

      How long does Pellevé last?

      Though the remodelling of collagen and skin tightening are permanent, the natural process of ageing and the effects of gravity continue. Annual or biannual maintenance treatments help sustain your initial improvement.

      Can Pellevé be used with injectable fillers and muscle relaxants?

      Pellevé can be combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures such as injectables, laser treatments and peels. We recommend that Pellevé be performed either before or more than two weeks after these other treatments.

      What are the risks of Pellevé treatment?

      Pellevé has been proven to provide safe and effective skin tightening in published medical studies. Because Pellevé is a non-invasive procedure, meaning the skin is not entered, there are minimal risks. Possible side effects include mild discomfort during the treatment, and temporary mild swelling and redness which typically resolve within 2 to 24 hours.

      Pellevé does not affect the surface of the face, and so can be confidently and effectively used by women and men with darker complexions or tans.

      How does Pellevé differ from other radiofrequency devices?

      Pellevé is a more gentle and gradual method of tightening the skin than pulsed radiofrequency devices used for similar purposes, such as Thermage. The advantages of gradually treating the skin as opposed to pulsed treatments includes improved safety and enhanced patient feedback during the treatment. Pellevé has not been reported to cause fat loss or sunken areas as have rarely been associated with pulsed radiofrequency devices.

      How does Pellevé compare with surgery?

      Pellevé produces subtle but significant changes that can be measured in millimetres. Surgery produces more dramatic changes that can be measured in centimetres.

      How much does a Pellevé treatment cost?

      • Full Face: $600 or 3 treatments at $1500
      • Full neck: $400 or 3 treatments at $1050
      • Parts of the face: eg eyes, lower face $300-$500
      • Under eyes: $200 or 3 at $500

      Where else can I go online to learn more about Pellevé?

      Visit the Pellevé website or the Pellevé Facebook Page for comments from other patients and doctors providing this procedure.

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