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    LED Light Therapy

    What is Healite – LED Light Therapy?:

    Healite, developed by the inventor of the original Omnilux, is the no downtime, non-invasive and pain free “next generation” skin rejuvenation treatment that uses low levels of light energy from LEDs (light emitting diodes). Healite increases blood flow and nutrient and oxygen delivery to the skin to stimulate cells to work better, to repair damage more rapidly and to increase new collagen production.

    LED light therapy works at the sub-cellular, the cellular and the tissue level and is well tolerated by patients of all ages and all skin types. It can be used on its own, but is also an excellent adjunctive therapy to speed recovery from other procedures.

    In short, LED Light Therapy is an easy, pleasant, fast and affordable skin rejuvenation solution!

    Indications for LED light Therapy:

    LED light therapy delivers light of multiple wavelengths which means it’s able to treat a range of conditions.

    Blue light

    Blue Light treats active acne by acting on a by-product of acne inflammation to increase oxygen levels that kill bacteria in the epidermis.

    830 nm HEALITE

    Infrared Light is an invisible light that penetrates more deeply into the dermis. It is used together with a yellow light that helps condition the epidermis. Infrared light:

    • Enhances skin tone, luminosity and texture
    • Stimulates new collagen production
    • Allows existing cells to work better
    • Repairs damaged cells
    • Accelerates healing of wounds and bruises (ideal after skin needling or laser)
    • Is anti-Inflammatory

    Who is suitable for this treatment?

    Anyone who wants to improve the quality and texture of their skin or who suffers from acne. LED light therapy is an excellent option for those who want to accelerate healing after procedures such as skin needling, laser treatments or any procedure that may result in redness or bruising.

    When will I see a result?

    Improvements are usually apparent after 2-3 sessions. Your skin will become smoother and noticeably firmer over a course of 8-12 sessions, with a maximum of 3 sessions per week. More than 3 sessions a week is of no additional benefit.

    Healite II is clinically proven to achieve desirable skin rejuvenation. As with other non-invasive, no downtime treatments, results vary from person to person and always require a series of treatments to achieve the final result. LED light therapy is not a miracle cure but will ensure your skin is in the best condition it can be.

    How much does it cost?:

    Our special launch price is $70 (usually $110) or you may purchase unlimited treatments for a month for $550*

    * Treatments must to be at least 2 days apart for best results.

    How long does it take?

    1-3 treatments per week for 3-5 weeks. At each treatment, you will be with us for a total of 30 relaxing minutes. This is a “lunch time” treatment with no downtime.

    Are the results long lasting?

    Regular refresher sessions, combined with appropriate skin care products, will ensure long-lasting results.

    Are there any risks?

    No, LED therapy is well tolerated and suitable for everyone.

    What is the difference between Omnilux and Healite II

    • Healite takes Omnilux technology to the next level.
    • Healite is the most recent medical phototherapy device to be registered by the TGA.
    • Healite is more intense than Omnilux, so treatment times are reduced.
    • Healite treats a larger area than Omnilux.

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