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    Sydney Facial Treatment

    Our facial treatment will transform your tired, dry, dehydrated, or acne prone skin into skin that is deeply cleansed, hydrated, refreshed, and revived.What’s involved:
    Deep cleansing facial: Our facial treatment involves a cleanse, a lactic acid peel for deep pore cleansing and exfoliation, extractions, a rebalancing mask, pressure point massage with vitamin antioxidant rich lotion to calm and soothe your skin, hydration, SPF 30 protection, and mineral makeup. This process takes 45 minutes at our Sydney clinic.

    A-zyme (anti-aging) facial: This involves a cleanse, combination vitamin A and enzyme treatment for age defence, and clarity, massage, ultrasonic multi-vitamin infusion to plump and hydrate, hydration, SPF 30 protection, and mineral makeup. This facial lasts for 45 minutes in our Sydney clinic.

    Downtime: There is no downtime at all.

    Deep cleansing facial: $155 | Azyme facial: $200

    If you are in need of a rejuvenating facial, come over to Heber Davis in Sydney. Here you will find some of the best skincare professionals that the area has to offer. Our highly experienced specialists will leave you and your face feeling completely refreshed.

    • Our facials are about seeing results. We use only Ultraceuticals cosmeceutical products because they’re actively targeted to treat specific skin problems – acne, aging, sun damage, pigmentation – and they deliver reliable results.

      Deep cleansing facial

      A thorough cleansing and detoxifying facial treatment for clean, clear, glowing skin. Ideal for congested, problem and acne prone skin, combination skin and breakouts.


      • Facial cleanse
      • Lactic acid peel for deep pore cleansing and exfoliation.
      • Extractions for detailed cleansing of stubborn impurities
      • Ultraceuticals rebalancing mask to draw out impurities and minimise shine.
      • Pressure point massage with vitamin enriched anti-inflammatory lotion to calm and soothe
      • Hydration, SPF 30 protection and mineral makeup
      • 45mins
      • Cost: $155
      • Course: 5 treatments $650

      Performed by one of our doubly qualified nurse/beauty therapists.

      Anti-ageing “enzyme” facial

      An intense anti-aging facial treatment that uses active enzymes and retinol (vitamin A)for hydration and firming. Leaves aging or sun damaged skin looking instantly brighter and clearer.


      • Cleanse face, neck and decolletage
      • Combination vitamin A and enzyme treatment for age defence and clarity
      • Facial Massage
      • Ultrasonic multi vitamin infusion to plump and hydrate.
      • Hydration, SPF 30 protection and mineral makeup.
      • 45 mins
      • Cost: $200
      • Course: 5 treatments $900

      Performed by one of our doubly qualified nurse/beauty therapists

      About this facial:

      This enzyme based facial, unlike other acid based treatments,is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and darker skins. It has been introduced into Australia by Ultraceuticals to benefit skin that suffers from unwanted pigmentation, premature ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, is dry or suffers from acne/scarring.

      It differs from all other facial treatments in that it uses both Retinol (Vitamin A) & Bromelain (an enyme extracted from pineapples) to provide dual-action exfoliation with no discomfort. It is the perfect lunch-time peel as it causes minimal redness and involves no downtime. Your skin will be immediately refreshed, refined, intensely hydrated and PLUMP.

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