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    Treatment for Excessive Sweating / Hyperhidrosis

    Do you …

    • Sweat a lot?
    • Sweat more if stressed or anxious?
    • Find perspirants just don’t cut it?
    • Have to change your clothes often?
    • Feel that your quality of life is being affected?
    • Sweat more at certain times of day?
    • Sweat after having alcohol, coffee, tea, hot or spicy food?

    Keep your cool. There’s help!!

    Don’t let excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis), soaking armpits and stained clothes drain your confidence.

    The good news is, the world’s most famous anti-wrinkle treatment* is also the gold standard for treating underarm sweating. It stops sweating  for 7-12 months which means treatment in spring will keep your clothes dry and your confidence high through even the hottest Sydney summer.

    *(Australian law prohibits the naming of these anti-wrinkle injections in a public forum. Call us if you’d like to know)

    What does treatment involve?

    Anti-wrinkle injections are made from a natural purified protein that’s extracted from bacteria in much the same way that penicillin comes from moulds. When injected into the skin this protein interrupts the nerve messages that trigger sweat glands to make sweat.

    This protein  has been used for decades, not only for cosmetic treatments, but also for a variety of medical conditions, such as cerebral palsy, facial spasms, eye and bladder problems

    Treatment takes 30-60 minutes. A starch-iodine test (see image right) identifies the source of excessive sweating. Small amounts of the purified protein are then injected throughout this area. Sweating comes under gradual control over a period of up to two weeks. A repeat starch iodine test performed at that time identifies any residual areas that may need additional attention. Treatment is very well tolerated and requires no pain relief.

    Treatment stops sweating but may not eliminate body odour or the need to use deodorant.


    Shave the armpit but do not wear anti-perspirant on the day of your treatment. Since iodine is used to identify the problem area, it is important to let us know if you are allergic to it. Wear loose fitting, inexpensive, dark clothing to your appointment in case of accidental marking with iodine.

    After Care

    Normal activities may be resumed immediately after treatment.

    Follow Up

    We like to see you again two weeks after your treatment, to monitor your progress and to perform any top up treatment required. Follow the preparations recommended above for this visit.

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