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    Prepayment Option

    How great would it be if you were able to pay for your cosmetic treatments in instalments rather than all at once? Like putting your skin maintenance on Lay-by!

    Heber Davis’s prepayment plan allows you to credit your account in advance of your treatment to enable you to reduce your costs on the day of treatment.

    For example you may decide that you’d like to pay $25 per week towards a treatment that may need to be refreshed every 4-6 months.

    Over 4 months: $25 x 16 weeks = $400, this can go towards or fully pay for one of your muscle relaxant wrinkle treatments.

    Over 6 months: $25 x 24 weeks = $600 this can go towards or fully pay for one of your filler treatments.

    Or you may just like to credit your account as and when you have spare funds, and that’s fine too.

    To discuss this further, or to start a prepayment plan, contact advice@heberdavis.com.au or call our Practice Manager, Louise, on (02) 9552 6277.

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