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    Ultra MD Brightening Serum

    This 5-in-1 little dropper bottle contains both brightening ingredients AND pigment blockers. I like to imagine these guys as the bouncer at the door to your skin. Not only does he remove unruly guests, he blocks them from entering the premises again. What a cool guy. I really like him.

    Most normal people would consider that they’d run the gauntlet of options by now. But, as my husband and mother constantly tell me, I’m no normal person. I’m also not a patient person so anything that promised targeted results that would complement my cleanse-serum-moisturise routine would be welcomed into the fold with open arms.  This serum is strong and the scent does nothing to hide the fact that you’ve got some very potent stuff going to work on your skin, but if you start slowly (I’m a sensitive soul so started with once every three nights, straight after cleansing and before moisturising) and stick with it, the results are worth the slight ‘OMG am I smearing acid on my face?’ moments.  That being said, I never had any discomfort/reaction/flaking or redness. It was just the scent that was the dead giveaway.   (Primped, ninemsn.com)

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