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    Nose Veins Treatment Sydney

    “Broken capillaries” on the face and nose commonly occur in fair-skinned people who have smoked and/or spent time in the sun. Leg veins are almost always inherited.

    Large veins on the sides of the nostrils are in a completely different category. These large veins may be inherited, or may occur as a consequence of nose surgery, nose injury, rosacea, chronic sinusitis or hay fever, or simply from overzealous “squeezing” of pores around the nose. In addition, large veins on the nose often represent connections between veins and arteries which means that the blood that flows in them is under much higher pressure than is the case in the finer capillaries elsewhere on the face.

    Whilst broken capillaries on the bridge of the nose respond well to laser or IPL treatment, veins on the sides of the nose can be much more difficult to treat and can also recur over time because of their unique anatomy and the ongoing nature of the underlying factors that cause them.

    Nevertheless, for most sufferers, large nose veins can usually be kept under control using a combination of microsclerotherapy and V Beam vascular laser treatments.

    What does treatment involve?

    Large nose veins are first injected using a strong salt water solution via a very fine needle. This treatment is called microsclerotherapy and is commonly used to treat fine veins on the legs. Microsclerotherapy weakens the veins internally, rendering them particularly responsive to laser treatment applied externally. Adequate weakening is easily observed as a slight darkening of the vein. Once this stage has been reached, the V Beam vascular laser is then applied to complete the treatment.

    The V Beam laser emits a beam of yellow light that is precisely and efficiently absorbed into the blood in the veins. It selectively damages the veins without effecting the surrounding skin, causing them to shrink and fade, and eventually to be cleared away by the body’s own healing mechanisms.

    What should I expect after nose vein treatment?

    You will likely experience temporary redness and bruising limited only to the nostril area. Makeup or concealer may be applied immediately. Click for more information about post procedural care.

    How many treatments will I need?

    1-2 treatments a month apart usually achieve a pleasing result.

    How long will results last?

    This varies from person to person. The nature of these veins, as outlined above, dictates that they may recur gradually over time. Additional treatments may be needed at infrequent intervals over the years to maintain your improved appearance.

    Is treatment painful?

    Treatments are quick, typically taking not more than a few minutes. Whilst you will experience short term stinging and a sensation of heat, local anaesthesia is rarely needed. Laughing gas is available if required.

    What are the potential side effects of nose vein treatment?

    Redness, bruising, blistering, crusting or flaking, infection and scarring are risks of any laser or IPL treatment.

    Protective eye shields must be worn throughout the treatment session to avoid the risk of eye damage.

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