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    Dermal Fillers for Men

    Dermal fillers are increasingly popular for men who are keen to take control of their appearance. Fillers have become  one of the most popular non-surgical cosmetic treatments for men worldwide.

    Dermal fillers have traditionally been used to reduce lines and wrinkles that develop in response not only to aging but also to the multitude of modern environmental stressors such as challenging careers, sun exposure, smoking, drinking, poor skin care or simply facial muscle movements.

    Over the last decade, however, dermal filling has undergone a paradigm shift, from simply erasing fine lines to significant facial volume correction, nose reshaping, eradication of under eye bags and accentuation of classically attractive male features. Ultimately, facial aging is as much about altered contours and volume loss  as  it is about specific wrinkles.

    What are dermal fillers made of?

    All fillers used at Heber Davis are made of naturally occurring  soft smooth gels that  are identical to the padding that occurs naturally in our skin. This padding  provides support and suppleness.   With stress and ageing,  our own padding gradually deteriorates, leading to sagging, wrinkling  and  volume depletion.   Injectable   fillers simply replace what’s been lost, naturally and instantly, leaving you looking refreshed, younger and more attractively masculine.

    Because these fillers are natural gels, they are biocompatible, non permanent, rarely cause reactions and can be easily  dissolved  if required.

    Where are dermal fillers most commonly used in men?

    Most commonly requested treatments are for lines and wrinkles, for nose to mouth furrows, lip reshaping, restoration of masculine cheek contours, nose reshaping, correcting under eye hollows and for jaw line firming. Dermal fillers are also used to soften and smooth some types of acne scars.

    How do dermal fillers erase lines and wrinkles?

    Dermal fillers erase lines and wrinkles  by replacing the skin support  that age, stress, smoking, poor diet, etc has worn away. Microinjections of a specially soft, pliant filler, placed superficially in the skin, gently lifts and fills fine lines and wrinkles, invisibly and instantly blending them with the surrounding skin.

    Lines and wrinkles that respond well to dermal filling include lines in the cheeks, lines that run from the nose to the corners of the mouth and fine lines around the eyes and on the forehead.

    In certain areas dermal fillers are often used in conjunction with muscle relaxants for longer lasting results

    How do dermal fillers correct volume loss?

    Dermal fillers come in a variety of strengths and consistencies. For volume correction thicker, longer lasting gels are placed more deeply in the skin to recreate more youthfully masculine contours with little or no downtime.


    Dermal fillers are the perfect option for the man who wants to manage aging. Dermal fillers can help you look years younger,  instantly and with minimal or no downtime. Dermal fillers allow you to take control of your appearance and to feel confident about the way you look.

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