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We offer a range of clinical strength skin peels to safely & effectively treat acne, congestion, pigmentation, dull lifeless skin, refine pores and wrinkling. The type of chemical peel chosen together with your Clinician will be based on the nature of your concern and within a thorough skin assessment.


    Mandelic Peels – The Strong AHA alternative.

    Mandelic acid, which is derived from bitter almonds, has a high level of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) to more efficiently eliminate dead skin cells, absorb excess lipids on the skin, unblock pores, break down intercellular bonds and activate skin’s natural regeneration cycle.

    Though mandelic acid is suitable for all skin types and concerns, its outstanding ability to absorb excess oils and its anti-inflammatory properties make it the ideal treatment for oily acne prone skin. Its high concentration of AHA’s means it is also a great choice for skin showing the visible signs of aging, in that it helps refine course texture and assists in minimising pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, and for a radiant, clearer and brighter looking complexion.

    Mandelic acid is a well tolerated peel with minimal downtime, that can be used anywhere on the body and is safe during pregnancy.

    Recommended course: A minimum of 6 fortnightly treatments with Ultraceuticals homecare and a daily application of Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30+.

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