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    Loyalty Rewards

    Heber Davis rewards loyal clients with a rewards programme that includes all muscle relaxant and dermal filler treatments.

    Receive a 15% discount every 5th time you visit us for muscle relaxants or injectable fillers!!

    The 15% OFF discount is in addition to our multiple syringe discount that gives you 10% discount on every additional syringe of filler used at a single session. First syringe normal price, second syringe 10% discount, third syringe 20% discount etc.

    This offer is based on visits, not treatments. For example, having both filler and muscle relaxant on the same day counts as one visit.

    Ultraceuticals rewards

    Every time you accumulate $500 of Ultraceuticals purchases, over any number of visits, you receive $50 towards either your next Ultraceuticals purchase OR the treatment of your choice with one of our nurses!

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