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    Laser Treatment for skin tags and skin blemishes

    Unwanted lumps and bumps such as skin tags, age spots, senile warts, nodules, and keratoses are easily erased using the Erbium laser. The Erbium laser can be used anywhere on the body and is a sophisticated, safe, effective and reliable procedure. All Erbium laser treatments at Heber Davis are performed by qualified and experienced cosmetic doctors.

    How does Erbium laser work?

    The Erbium laser emits a computer controlled beam of light that progressively evaporates unwanted blemishes in ultra thin layers. It precisely targets tags and raised blemishes without disturbing adjacent skin, leaving your skin smooth and blemish free.

    Does Erbium laser hurt?

    The Erbium laser is not painful and no anaesthetic is required for the majority of treatments.

    How many treatments will I need?

    Most superficial lesions such as skin tags and sun spots need only one treatment.

    What about recovery?

    After removal of your blemish you will have a superficial graze, no bigger than the blemish itself. This will be red and moist for 1-2 days, then red and dry for up to 2 weeks. Makeup can be worn once the graze has dried.

    Postoperative care is usually minimal. It is important to protect the area from the sun for at least a month.

    See aftercare

    Are there any risks?

    Any skin procedure carries some risk of swelling, redness, bleeding, bruising, infection, and darkening or lightening of the overlying skin. These effects are usually temporary, self limiting and do not require treatment.

    Some lesions do not respond as well as expected and limited improvement may be achieved.

    Is there anyone who is not suitable for this treatment?

    Yes. Those who are pregnant, have active cold sores in the area to be treated on the day of treatment, have suspicious moles, have used Roaccutane for acne within the last 12 months, have vitiligo, have a history of keloid or abnormal healing, are immune suppressed or have a connective tissue disease.

    Some moles and skin cancers are not suitable for laser removal.

    Alternative treatments

    Other methods for removing skin blemishes include freezing, burning, application of acid solutions and surgery. Each involves its own set of potential risks and complications.

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