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    IPL/Laser Aftercare Instructions

    Immediately following treatment your skin may sting and feel hot. A cool compress will be provided to help relieve this sensation quickly. Continued application of cool compresses also helps reduce the risk of swelling, especially if you have been treated close to the eye or over large areas. If swelling develops, sleeping propped up on a few pillows for a few nights will help settle it quickly.

    Avoidance of excessive exercise, alcohol and smoking for a week after your treatment will also accelerate your recovery.

    It is normal for pigmentation to look darker for one to three weeks following treatment. Treated areas may feel dry, flaky and itchy. Be careful not to disturb these areas during the healing period and, in particular, not to pick at any flakes. Wash as usual, but avoid the use of scrubs, masks, astringents, toners, Retin A or AHA products until healed. Gently pat dry after washing and avoid rigorous rubbing with your towel. Apply only bland moisturizers such as sorbolene during your recovery period. Normal skin care may be resumed once healing is complete.

    If bruising develops, Hirudoid cream may be applied. Hirudoid may be purchased at the practice. Bruising may be camouflaged with makeup during the healing period.

    Patterning of the skin may be apparent after healing. This reflects a demarcation between treated and untreated areas and can be blended at your next visit.

    It is very important to avoid exposing the area to the sun or to sun beds for at least one month after treatment and preferably forever. Wear a hat and apply a SPF 30+ sunscreen on a daily basis.

    Please make a follow up appointment as recommended by your practitioner, so that your progress can be monitored and any additional treatment performed.

    Results will be maintained and enhanced by adherence to a professionally recommended skin care regime. Your treating practitioner will advise which products best address your particular skin concerns.

    Please feel free to call the surgery at any time on (02) 9552 6277 should you have any queries about your progress.

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