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    Non-surgical Nose Reshaping

    What are dermal fillers?

    Heber Davis specialises in the injection of “natural” dermal fillers.  These are smooth gels that are identical to the padding that occurs naturally in our skin. As skin ages, our natural padding gradually breaks down, resulting in skin sag, wrinkles and a loss of volume. Dermal fillers simply replace what has been lost, naturally and instantly, leaving you looking refreshed and more attractive.

    Because these dermal fillers are natural gels, they are biocompatible, non permanent, rarely cause reactions and can be easily  dissolved  if required.

    How do dermal fillers help reshape noses?

    Traditionally, nose reshaping has required surgery. Now, patients with more minor irregularities can have non-surgical nose reshaping using a dermal filler, without undergoing invasive surgery.

    Injectable nose reshaping using dermal fillers cannot remove bumps or protrusions but, by filling the hollows that highlight these irregularities, can camouflage and soften them. For example, a prominent nasal bump will appear reduced if the hollow above it is filled. Or, if the nose is deviated to one side, filling the other side can make the nose appear straighter.

    Who would benefit?

    Men or women who are interested in:

    • Camouflaging an allergy line, or crease across the top of the nose.
    • Adding height to a flat bridge
    • Elevating the tip of a hooked nose to create a slightly upturned feminine nose or a strong straight male nose.
    • Smoothing out bumps, dips or unevenness in the cartilage and straightening a crooked nose.
    • Harmonising your nose with other facial features.

    Benefits of non-surgical nose reshaping

    Non surgical nose reshaping is an affordable office procedure that is quick,  comfortable and reversible, if required, with minimal downtime.

    Also known as a non-surgical nose job, treatment with dermal fillers avoids the risks of surgery and has no effect on nasal breathing as it only involves injection into the skin. The procedure is very precise and more detailed adjustments to nasal contour are possible.

    The dermal filler chosen is then injected into the nose to improve its shape, profile, projection and symmetry. Treatment is completed in just a few minutes

    How soon will I see results?


    How long will my result last?

    Results are usually long lasting in the nose (1-2 years) because fillers in this area are not subjected to the stresses, strains and movement that break them down in other areas more quickly.

    Frequently Asked Questions about your dermal filler treatment.

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