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    What are dermal fillers?

    Heber Davis specialises in the injection of “natural” dermal fillers. These  smooth soft gels  are identical to the padding that occurs naturally in our skin.  They  are therefore well tolerated and require no pre-treatment allergy testing. Over time, the injected filler, just like your own natural padding, is gradually absorbed and processed back into your body.

    Because these dermal fillers are natural gels, they are biocompatible, non permanent, rarely cause reactions and can be easily  dissolved  if required.

    How do dermal fillers enhance the jawline?

    Micro-injections of soft dermal fillers restore the structure that keeps your jawline youthfully strong and  well defined.   They correct loss of jawline  definition, jowling and loose skin in the lower face, fill  ‘marionette’ lines that run down from the corners of your mouth and smile lines.

    How long will my result last?

    Depending on the fillers used 6-18 months, depending on the type of filler used.

    Frequently Asked Questions about dermal filler treatment


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