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    Dissolve Unwanted Dermal Filler, Broadway, Sydney

    Hyalase  is an enzyme (hyaluronidase) that occurs naturally in the skin dissolves many of the injectable dermal fillers* that are used to correct wrinkles, lines and folds and to enhance or restore facial volume in areas such as the cheeks, chin and lips. Under normal circumstances these fillers variously persist in the skin for 6-24 months.

    *Australian Health Department regulations prohibit the naming of dermal filler brand names in a public forum. Feel free to contact us if you’d like specific names.

    When is Hyalase used?

    Hyalase is used where it is desirable to dissolve dermal fillers quickly. For example, if dermal fillers have been placed incorrectly, excessively or unevenly, or if, for whatever reason, a patient wishes to reverse the effect of a dermal filler treatment prematurely.

    What does treatment involve?

    Following injection into the treated area, the enzyme acts within minutes to dissolve unwanted filler and to restore the original facial contours. The desired level of flattening can usually be achieved by carefully monitoring the dose of the enzyme, with larger doses resulting in complete elimination of the filler from the implantation site.

    Hyalase  injections are best delayed for several days after dermal filler implantation in order to allow for subsidence of any short term treatment-related swelling.

    The easy reversibility with Hyalase of these commonly used dermal fillers provides a comforting safety margin that ensures such fillers are associated with almost no permanent adverse events. This benefit contrasts strongly with the inflexibility and irreversibility of permanent fillers.

    Are there any side effects of Hyalase treatment?

    Localized allergic reactions to  Hyalase can occur.  Hyalase  is not recommended for patients with a history of allergy to bee venom.

    Bruising may occur following injection of  Hyalase.

    The exact dosage of  Hyalase can be difficult to judge  because it diffuses through tissue easily.    Because we prefer to err on the side of caution, more than one visit may be required to precisely dissolve the exact amount of unwanted filler. Conversely, additional  filler may sometimes be needed following  Hyalase  treatment that inadvertently dissolves more filler than intended.

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