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    Dermal Fillers in Pyrmont

    Dermal filler treatment and services in Pyrmont

    As our skin ages, the natural padding within gradually breaks down, resulting in skin sag, wrinkles and loss of volume. Here at Heber Davis in Pyrmont, we are pleased to provide our clients with “natural” dermal fillers, made from smooth gels that are identical to the padding that occurs naturally in our skin.

    Dermal fillers simply replace what has been lost, naturally and instantly, leaving you looking smoother, refreshed and more attractive. Because these dermal fillers are natural gels, they are biocompatible, not permanent, rarely cause reactions and can be easily dissolved if required.

    Dermal fillers erase lines and wrinkles instantly by replacing the padding that age, stress, smoking and/or a poor diet has worn away. Microinjections of a specially soft, pliant dermal filler, placed superficially in the skin, gently lifts and fills fine lines and wrinkles, invisibly and instantly blending them with the surrounding skin in just a few minutes and with little or no downtime. The entire treatment takes just 30 minutes!

    Get quality dermal filler treatment with Heber Davis

    Heber Davis’s dermal filler treatment differs from those of our competitors in several ways, the most important being the level of professional expertise and experience that we have. With more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry, we are able to provide our clients with the best treatments for their skin.

    Feel and look younger again with our dermal filler treatments that will rejuvenate the appearance and feel of your complexion. From lip lines and smoker’s lines to crow’s feet and lines around your mouth, our experts can eliminate these unwanted signs of ageing from your face. For more information, contact Heber Davis in Pyrmont today!

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