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    CoolSculpting is The New Big Thing in Cosmetic Clinics: Here’s What You Need to Know

    CoolSculpting is the latest watchword in how to look fabulously toned. Freezing unwelcome fat away with this state-of-the-art, non-invasive body sculpting procedure, and being able to wave goodbye to an unattractive double chin, love handles, a bulging abdomen, and inner and outer thigh fat, has got to be the way to go.

    Effective technology backed by science

    Getting rid of obstinate fat via exercise and diet has always been a huge challenge, but now there is a new and effortless way. The effectiveness of this cutting-edge body sculpting technology, which is used by both men and women, involves a very simple controlled fat-freezing procedure that does not cause any downtime or harm to surrounding tissue or skin.

    It has been approved by the FDA since 2010, and is backed by science. A prominent article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal states that CoolSculpting has been met with high user satisfaction, and that it is an effective and safe technique for nonsurgical body-contouring (Stevens et al., 2013).

    The procedure

    The CoolSculpting device cools and applies suction to targeted areas that later go numb while the client relaxes, uses their computer, or watches TV. The procedure is not painful. There is a built-in safety apparatus, and a mechanism shuts the process down automatically if it detects that a client’s skin is getting too cold.

    Fat cells

    The amount of fat cells that people have remain the same, however, their size can change: when people put on weight their fat cells expand; conversely, when they lose weight, they contract. Yet, after people undergo a few of these CoolSculpting treatments, their fat cells are reduced by around twenty to twenty-five percent. This is because the freezing begins to kill them, and they start to collapse.

    In the weeks after treatment, specific cells in the body eat them up, and they are removed from the body for good. The overall result is a better-toned physique and a slimmer appearance. There is also potential mild weight loss. There is not a substantial change in body weight due to the low weight of the fat cells, but there is a huge difference in physique. As long as users control their weight, the fat reduction remains permanent. The highest amount of fat loss is seen eight weeks after the initial treatment.


    Fast freezing was first discovered by two Harvard University scientists who realised that some children acquired dimples when they ate popsicles. This led to further studies that showed that cold can affect the body’s fat cells.

    As a result of this breakthrough, millions of treatments have been carried out in different countries, and individuals who have already enjoyed the permanent success of CoolSculpting are being joined by countless new adherents.

    Reshaping the body to look fit from all angles is now a reality, and the excellent results from CoolsSculpting, which are backed up by scientific studies, means that this much needed innovative technology is here to stay.



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